Three Egg Omelette

Hungry Man Omelette

I was browsing around Facebook this morning, opened my CastIronQueen page and realized I have not posted my omelette recipe!!!  Why is that shocking to me?  Because it is the main photo on my FB page!  Plus it is super simple and a quick way to give those you love a filling, scrumptious, Sunday morning breakfast.  This recipe is for one omelette…surprisingly, I am not a fan but I sure do know how to make a kick-ass one as I make them for Zik on a regular basis.

My dislike for omelettes stems from a tragic eating experience as a child.  I have never seen such misuse of good eggs in my life, haha.  I must have been 7 or 8 years old and a big group of family went out to eat at a local restaurant.  I ordered an omelette and was excited because I had never had one.  So they brought the food out and my plate looked delicious!  I scooped up a big bite and the inside was mushy and runny.  Mind you, I am not one for runny eggs, even to this day…so needless to say, I do not eat them even when I cook them myself.  Everytime I attempt to eat an omelette, my stomach turns as I am reminded of the runny mess as a child.  So, when I make omelette’s now, I ensure they are cooked through, fluffy and firm!

omelette_baconHere’s what you’ll need to make this omelette:

3 large eggs
2 Tablespoons of milk
1/4 of a green bell pepper (chopped)
1 Tablespoon of butter
4 Thick Cut Pieces of Bacon
Grated Cheese (Of your choice)


Keep in mind, this is a BIG omelette, sharing encouraged!

Fry up your bacon and break it into small pieces once crispy. Put to the side.

Mix your eggs with milk, salt and pepper.  Put to the side.

Grate your cheese and chop your bell pepper!  Remember, I always encourage grating your own cheese from a block. It is fresher, melts better and just seems tastier.  Plus you ensure to always have REAL cheese and not the processed stuff!

In a medium sized non-stick pan, melt 1 Tablespoon of butter over medium heat and throw your bell peppers in. Let them cook until they are slightly softened but still a little crunchy.  After a few minutes pour your eggs over the bell peppers.

Allow your eggs to cook until you can see the bottom bubbling up and a solid layer of cooked egg appears.  Flip your eggs carefully… it should all stay in one round piece!

Once you flip your eggs, layer your bacon and cheese down the middle, gently turn each side over the filling so that it resembles an open ended burrito.

Once eggs are cooked through and your cheese is melted, remove from heat and plate with the seam side down.

Top omelette with a little more cheese and any bacon and bell pepper pieces you have left!

I usually pair my omelette with toast or english muffins and fresh fruit!  It makes for a very colorful plate!  Enjoy!

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