Southern Fried Chicken

Tender, Juicy Southern Fried Chicken Recipe

fried_chicken_sides_2I love chicken, especially when it is fried! I do not indulge in southern fried chicken very often because let’s face it, it is super fattening and definitely a guilty pleasure that should not be eaten all the time.  It is something I make once a month on a Saturday or for a Sunday dinner.

My Dad introduced me to the art of cooking fried chicken.  I call it an art because you have to get it just right;  if you don’t,  1) your breading could fall off or burn and 2) you could have bland chicken or 3) you under cook it.  It is definitely something that takes practice however I am sure that my how-to recipe video below is simple enough to follow that even a beginner can get right without too many trails and errors.

Important tips to remember when cooking southern fried chicken!

The most important thing my Dad taught me is to cook it LOW AND SLOW.  I usually turn the fire on under my cast iron skillet, 3/4 full of oil,  when I start breading the chicken.  After my chicken is breaded and it is setting for 20 minutes, I turn the fire down to medium.  When I am ready to cook, I turn it down even lower to medium low.  This is where patience comes to play.  Remember, if you cook fried chicken too quickly, you will have a burnt outside and raw chicken inside and no one wants to get sick!!!

*TIP: Remove the skin from the chicken before soaking in salt water.  I do this with all pieces besides the legs.  It helps cut down on the fat content!  The breading will adhere to the chicken and you will not even notice or miss the fact there is no skin there!

Next, I LAYER my seasonings on my chicken.  First I start out by soaking my chicken in salt water for approximately two hours before I start prepping.  This, number one, makes sure your chicken is completely thawed and two, the chicken soaks up the salt water so it is flavorful, tender and juicy.  I then sprinkle the seasonings I’ve listed below on the chicken and add it to my flour for breading.  There are no specific measurements to the seasoning, I just sort of eyeball it.  One thing home cooks tend to do is not use enough seasonings.  If you think you’ve added a little too much, it is probably just right.

When preparing my egg/milk wash, I simply add salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce and Louisiana hot sauce.  About a teaspoon of each.  Again…layer your flavors!!!  That is what separates out of this world southern fried chicken from simply good.  Again… watch the video, it will go into details and SHOW you how to do everything.  I learn best by watching and doing, how about you?  So take a look! This video is quick and easy to follow… have fun!

For this southern fried chicken recipe, you will need:

1 Whole Cut Up Chicken (or whatever pieces you prefer)
3 cups of flour
3 eggs
1 cup of milk
1 teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon of Louisiana hot sauce

All seasonings to taste:
Season salt
Garlic powder
Cayenne Pepper

My favorite sides to go with this delicious southern fried chicken are veggies, I recommend my recipe for Spinach/Broccoli, and Mashed potatoes!  Yum!  My sister Ashley’s favorite meal is fried chicken, mashed potatoes and macaroni & cheese.  Sounds pretty good too!  I’d add a salad if you want that combo!  I make several variations of fried chicken, so this one is the FIRST!

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