Recipe Review – Strawberry Pie

My #1 Summertime Pie Recipe! Strawberry Pie….

strawberry_pie_02My favorite fruit is the strawberry!  ANYTHING with strawberries in it, I am more than likely going to love.  My strawberry infatuation not only applies to the fruit but any candy or other strawberry flavored foods…ie. PINK STARBURST!  Anyhow, my Mom made this strawberry pie years ago and so did I, but it had been so long since I made it, I had to look it up!  This recipe is deliciously simple and a crowd pleaser.

This pie reminds me of family reunions…actually most food reminds me of family in some sort of way since many of the dishes and desserts I make are passed down.  The one thing I would stress to all you mothers out there, whether you have a son or a daughter, invite them into the kitchen.  Wonderful memories can be made there and quality time spent with those you love is irreplaceable.

Strawberry Pie that’s great for summer gatherings and the 4th of July!

This pie also reminds me of summertime and since the 4th of July is quickly approaching, it would be a PERFECT addition to a hot day!  It is chilled, sweet and if you buy ORGANIC strawberries or from your local farmer’s market… you will bite into a little piece of heaven.  In my opinion, this particular strawberry pie recipe is amazing and what makes it even better is it is quick and easy to prepare.

strawberry_pie_01If you aren’t down for making your own pie crust, Marie Callendar’s sells a great pre-made pie shell in your freezer section.  Time availability determines whether I make my own pie crust or not.  I like a thick pie crust, sort of dense but flaky at the same time.  I’ll admit it, I am a crust-a-holic!  I am one of those people that would be happy dumping the filling and just eating the crust.  I also like my crust to be soft, not crispy.  When I make a cobbler, I actually like the crust to be the tiniest bit undercooked.  Yum!

I’ve even had someone say I need to invent a crust pie…. hmmm, thinking about it!  And if I do… you guys will be the first to hear about it!

whipped_creamI owe my love of homemade whipped cream to my lifelong dear friend, Jessie!  She introduced me to the heavenly concoction of whipped heavy cream, sugar and vanilla extract several years ago and I haven’t bought a tub of the processed stuff since!  I recommend ALWAYS making your own whipped cream.  Nothing beats the taste and you aren’t consuming super processed mystery “cream”!  Homemade whipped cream is my kind of perfect!

Ok, OK… I have raved enough about this pie,  it is super yummy and you MUST make it for yourself, friends and family.  Instead of writing out the recipe myself, I figured I could find the recipe online and share some blog love with this GREAT picture filled instructional Strawberry Pie blog at With a Grateful Prayer and A Thankful Heart!  Thanks for posting this , it is definitely my favorite strawberry pie recipe!  So make sure you click the above link and bake to your heart’s content!

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    • I didn’t realize that! I’d like to video us making Memaw’s other pies too! Well the pies turned out delicious! We had a piece a few hours after it was done and Zik said the pie tasted better the next day, after it sat and REALLY set well in the fridge overnight.

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