Our Thanksgiving Mexican Food Fiesta!!

A Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

thanksgiving_mexican_fiesta_foodThanksgiving was a hit!!!  Zik and I had family over for a fun filled gathering of conversation, laughter and food!  Although Turkey and dressing happen to be one of my favorite meals, I decided to do something a little different this year.  Why not fabulous Mexican food!  I made a list of all the dishes I knew how to make and decided to combine a little Texas with a little California for my meal.  I have about half of the dishes I made featured on my blog and I will provide the specific links below.

Now, you should have heard people’s reaction when I announced that I was not preparing the traditional Turkey Day meal.  A neighbor of ours that came to our gathering last year even came by to “have a talk” with me, haha.  He said that he was disappointed to hear that I will not be making my luscious dressing this year.  I told him I’d made it a few weeks ago for my blog post and I already felt Turkey/dressing stuffed already!  He understood but was not pleased about it, so maybe I will make him a small batch of chicken and dressing.  Bless his heart.

Anyway, back to my Thanksgiving dinner…

One thing that was nice was that the cooking time was reduced by half.  I was able to make everything in ONE day instead of TWO, however, it still took me 9 hours.  Yup… you heard right, 9 HOURS!  What can  I say, I have one oven and 4 of my dishes needed baking.  (Side note: My dream home HAS a double oven…just saying.)  I started cooking at 10am and we actually ate around 7pm.  Nothing was difficult about the dishes I made, it just takes TIME, like any great meal right?

One thing that makes preparing a large meal more manageable  is to prepare the little side dishes and desserts first.  I made my no-bake cheesecake and apple pie (recipe coming soon) first.  I don’t know about your family, but mine usually has a separate dessert table because of the glorious amounts of sweets that are prepared during the holidays.  Now, not only is it beautiful, it is TEMPTING!!!  It takes all of the self control I have NOT to take a Martha Washington candy or a caramel filled Turtle.  And yes, all homemade from scratch.  What can I say, I come from a family of culinary genius!  Therefore, I recommend having a dessert section of your table or display them prettily somewhere special.  It creates a greater anticipation for food as your guests interact before the meal.

Also, make sure all of your appetizers are completely finished before your guests arrive.  I made enough fresh guacamole  for snacking before the meal and as a side for the Mexican food extravaganza.  I also had salsa sitting out with chips on display, simple…yummy.

On to the main course!  I will list everything I made and link to the dishes I have on my food blog.  Anything not linked will be added very soon!

Spicy Chicken Salad
Enchilada Casserole
Chicken Verde Enchiladas
Mexican Stir Fry
Mexican Rice
Spicy Black Bean

Sooo…explore the recipes I have linked and enjoy at your next family gathering!  They will LOVE it!  Oh, and one more thing, it all makes for fabulous left overs!

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