Gratineed Pineapple – Recipe Review

Gratineed Pineapple – A Taste of the Tropics!

gratineed pineapple ingredientsI absolutely love any type of tropical desserts, especially when pineapple is involved and this Gratineed Pineapple looked delicious.  I came across this recipe on Pinterest and knew immediately that I wanted to try it!!  The ingredients and recipe seemed simple enough… so why not?  Plus it had RUM in it… a little dessert specifically for adults, I was all for it!

First I cut the pineapple in half, which took some maneuvering because you leave the top of the pineapple intact… I guess it’s for presentation but it did make it a little more difficult for me to cut, however I’m sure with practice, it will become easier.

Next I mixed all the ingredients together as per the recipe on the  Wives with Knives blog, and preheated my oven.  I popped it in and enjoyed the smell of the pineapple baking filling my home.  YUM!  I was waiting in anticipation of the first bite!

Once the gratineed pineapple was finished, I retrieved my forkgratineed pineapple and knife and went to town!  I will admit, I think I will try this recipe minus the alcohol or maybe even replace it with a coconut flavored rum the next time I make it.  The rum flavor was a little too overwhelming for me as I like my dessert alcohol free usually or very subtle.

Also, the blog I received the recipe from has since revamped the recipe to make it a little easier to eat, which I will definitely try because it was a little difficult to fish all of the pineapple out easily.  The NEW and improved way she cut up the pineapple and assembled it looks like it will not only be easier to eat, but also cause all the flavors to fully incorporate.

Another slight change I would make is longer cooking time.  I want my pineapple to be a little softer and warmer.  So the verdict is that I will definitely make this gratineed pineapple recipe again, with a few minor changes!

Again… Make sure to visit the Wives with Knives blog to get this delicious recipe! Prepare it for some friends or family, they will love it!  And please come back and let me know how YOU liked it!

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  1. Hi Jennifer – Thank you so much for the review and link to my blog. This is one of my favorite recipes and I’m so happy you tried the revised way of serving it. There is a lot of “wow” factor in this delicious dessert. It’s so nice to meet you.

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