Easy Chopped BBQ Sandwiches

An Easy Delicious Spin on Southern Chopped BBQ Sandwiches!

I love a good Chopped BBQ Sandwich and I came up with a perfect recipe that is not only simple but yuuuummmmyyyy! Since my move from Texas, I’ve been on the search for tasty BBQ


reminiscent of what I can find at home.  My grandpa build his own smoker and his

smoked briskets with or without BBQ sauce is one of the BEST recipes I’ve ever had.  So, moving to Southern California… I was homesick for some down South chopped BBQ sandwiches.

One evening I had the bright idea to cook some tri-tip steak low and slow in my oven, smothered in BBQ sauce and I was pleasantly surprised to find a taste of home!  It tasted similar to the sandwiches I’ve been craving.  This is probably one of the easiest recipes I make and probably one of the most flavorful…who knew?

Check out my how-to video below and try it yourself!  It will become a staple recipe in your home and one to WOW guests.  The BEST part about this is you do not need a smoker or a grill… all you need is your oven and patience.  As always, please comment on this blog to let me know if you plan to or have tried this flavorful chopped BBQ Sandwich recipe and  and leave your thoughts!

Chopped BBQ Sandwich instruction video!

You will need:

2 Pounds of Tri Tip Steak
1 Tablespoon of Oil
1 Tablespoon of Worcestershire Sauce
1 12 Ounce bottle of BBQ Sauce
1 Small Onion (rough chopped)
Salt (to taste)
Pepper (to taste)
Crushed Garlic (to taste, I did one clove)
Dutch Oven (or an oven bag if you do not have one)
½ cup of water

Season steak with salt, pepper and Worcestershire sauce. Place oil in a heated skillet and brown the steak, approx. 1 min on each side.

Place steak in the dutch oven with onions and pour the BBQ sauce over them.  Add ½ cup of water (I like to use the BBQ bottle and shake to use any BBQ sauce that may be left inside). Preheat oven to 375 degrees, bake  for 2 hours.

Serve as meat in a BBQ sandwich or alone with sides.

TIP: If you can’t find tri-tip steak in your area, oven roast is the same thing. Just cut it into strips.

9 thoughts on “Easy Chopped BBQ Sandwiches

  1. Jen, we made this recipe and it was absolutely DA BOMB!!!! This is been by far the best BBQ sandwich I ever had since I moved here in San Antonio (TX), WAY better then Bill Miller or Smokey-Mo !!! Thanks for sharing Jen!!!

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