Cinnamon Vanilla Banana Bread Bites

Spice Up Your Basic Banana Bread Recipe

In my home, banana bread is always a constant request.  So much so, when I buy a bunch of bananas, there are always a few put to the side to become nice and browned specifically for baking up my delicious banana bread recipe.  Bananas are so quickly eaten around here that Zik likes to ensure they are left alone.  Because bananas bruise so easily, all you need is a toothpick and you can write all sorts of fun things on bananas!writing_on_bananas

I like to get a little creative or cook them in different forms because I make it so much.  Sometimes I make them in loaves or muffin tins however this time, I decided to make them so those that wanted a quick snack could pop one in their mouth and go by using a mini-muffin tin.  It was perfect but needless to say, because of the convenience of bite sized muffins, they were gone in just a few days between Zik and our visitors!  I think I managed to grab ONE of them before all 36 of these delicious little morsels were demolished.

My Mom gave me the basic banana bread recipe I use.  In this one I add cinnamon and vanilla to kick it up a notch.  My Mom is known for making fabulous breads from banana-nut to chocolate.  They are absolutely delicious so I knew I needed to get this recipe up on my food blog asap!  Plus they make great homemade Christmas presents!

Cinnamon Vanilla Banana Bread Bites Recipe

cinnamon_vanilla_banana_bread_bitesMakes approximately 36 mini muffins

2 Large VERY RIPE Bananas (the more brown the better!)
1 cup of Vegetable Oil (You can sub apple sauce for a healthier option)
2 eggs
1 Cup of Sugar
2 Tablespoons of Ground Cinnamon
1 Tablespoon of Vanilla Bean Paste (or regular vanilla extract if you do not have the paste)
2.5 cups of flour
1 teaspoon of baking soda
1 12 count non-stick mini  muffin tin
You will also need Butter to coat your muffin pan so they do not stick (you can use non-stick spray however, I prefer good old-fashioned butter) and a little butter to melt over the top of your muffins as you pull them fresh out of the oven!

*OPTIONAL INGREDIENT* Walnuts…you can add them, or not!  I don’t, I prefer it simple.

Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

In a large bowl, combine your bananas, oil, eggs, cinnamon, vanilla and sugar.  You would also add the nuts at this time if you use them.  Mix together.  I like chunks of banana in my bread so I do not mix it to where the bananas are completely pulverized.  I use my hand mixer to mix the ingredients, MUCH easier and quicker than do it with a pastry cutter or fork.

After  your ingredients are well combined, mix in your flour and baking soda.  DON’T forget the baking soda, I did that once… I was distracted and absent mindedly mixed my bread without the baking soda.  The result, my bread did not rise!  It tasted fine but was very FLAT.

*TIP* I like to mix in 1 cup of flour at a time until all is combined.  It makes less of a mess that way.

Butter your pan(s) and fill each cup to 3/4 full.  Bake for approximately 10 minutes or until tops are golden brown.

When they are hot out of the oven, I like to take a stick of salted butter and rub it over the tops.  It melts into the bread and adds a delicious dimension of flavor plus keeps them nice and moist!

My Mom recommends freezing your banana bread to reach optimal moistness. Wrap the banana bread in foil when it is still warm and freeze.  And I can attest, her breads are super moist.  Unfortunately I’ve never tried it myself because as soon as my bread pops out of the oven… it’s being eaten!  Enjoy and SHARE!!

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