Childhood Food Favorites!

Do you remember your childhood food faves?

We all have vivid memories of favorites foods, desserts and candies as children.  Those foods that the moment you see as an adult bring back a rush of visions of fun times with childhood friends and family. One of my personal favorite memories is hearing that familiar jingle in the distance and a rush of kids running outside screaming… ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!  Yes… the ice cream truck.  My favorite was the Chocolate Banana Bomb Pops!  I have gathered some of my, and I’m sure some of your, childhood food favorites!

1. The Ice Cream Truck

coolhaus-truckWe all know it, the tune that sings through out the neighborhood and attracts children like the Pied Piper!  I’m talking about the ice cream truck.  They may have changed visually through the years and even may offer new, exciting ice cream treats, but the effect on children and even adults is always the same!  My new favorite ice cream truck here in LA is… Coolhaus!

Even now, when I hear the ice cream truck coming, I immediately want to grab my spare change and make a run for it!!

2. Hot Dogs

hot-dogAs an adult, I’ve upgraded to chili dogs with an assortment of delicious toppings but sometimes, you just crave that good old plain hot dog that reminds you of hot summers, BBQs and family get togethers.  Plain mustard and a little ketchup is all I needed to be completely satisfied with my hot dog as a child.  Now I prefer them fully loaded and I’ve found the secret to making hot dogs cooked on the stove that tastes straight from the grill (which I will share later)!

3.  Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

grilled-cheeseWho doesn’t love a good grilled cheese sandwich!?  I must have eaten these with tomato soup on my “sick days” from school because I remember my Mom making them for me during those times.  Now, I like to vary my grilled cheese sandwiches with all different kids of cheeses like mozzarella, swiss and other exotic cheeses that make you say Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm.

My mouth is watering, I may need to make a grilled cheese sandwich ASAP!!

4.  Birthday Cake!

Birthday CakeOne of my weaknesses, to this day, is a birthday cake made with whipped cream frosting. YUUUMMMM!  Nothing is better than having a huge cake placed in front of you with your name on it…literally!  I’ll admit it, sometimes I will go and buy a birthday cake just to indulge my craving.  My favorite birthday cake is simple, vanilla cake with vanilla whipped cream frosting.  (Writing this food blog keeps me hungry, haha)


So there you have it… my top 4 childhood food/memories.  I would have put pizza but if you know anything about me, you will know that pizza is STILL one of my favorite foods… I’ve just graduated from cheese to meats and veggies.

What do you consider your favorite childhood foods?  Please share your memories with me in the comment section below!

2 thoughts on “Childhood Food Favorites!

  1. My fav then and now is Kraft mac and cheese. I love ALL max&cheese but there is something special about that blue box.

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