Cakes, Cakes, Cakes!!!

Katrina Phillips - Cakes and Pies - Baker - Texas

My Mom, Katrina (on left)

I learned the majority of my baking expertise from my mom, Katrina.  One of the first cakes I remember her making was a Barbie cake… you know the one where the skirt is a cake and then the top half is the torso and head of a Barbie?  I have so many fond memories of her and dessert! When we lived in Greece, I remember her making homemade desserts ALL of the time.  I feel like that is when she really started baking consistently.  Cakes, pies and all sorts of candies and sweets.

I would say her specialty is southern inspired desserts and decorating.  If you have a country themed wedding, birthday or event… she is the master!  Of course, in my book, she can do ANYTHING when it comes to baking.  The best thing is she is either self taught or learned from family.  She was inspired and taught dozens of delicious dessert recipes from my grandmas, Patsy and Margaret and also from cousins Vonnie and Tonie.

Over the years, myself and many others have encouraged her to start her own baking business and she has on a small scale.  She makes her desserts fresh and to order, giving the customer exactly what they want and flavors that keep them coming back over and over!  Her cakes and pies have become infamous among family, friends and the town she resides in.

50th Wedding Anniversary Cake by Katrina PhillipsJuly 5th was my grandparent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary.  My Mom teamed up with our cousin Vonnie and they created a masterpiece of a country cake!  It was strawberry with cream cheese icing and it was divine!  I told her I was going to write a blog and brag about her cakes!!  She is modest about her god given gift… so I figured I would brag for her!

She loves being in the kitchen, cooking for others and sharing her passion for baking.  She is one of the hardest working women I have ever seen and she inspires me every day! One of my dreams for her is to help her open up her own little bakery where she can share her delicious goods on a daily basis… someday Mom!!!

My favorite desserts that she prepares are cheese cakes, banana bread, gooey butter cake, chocolate sheet cake and I could continue… but I’ll encourage you to contact us and find out for yourself!

If you you live in the DFW area, Weatherford, Springtown, Azle and Jacksboro, Texas and want a delicious, beautiful, homemade cake for your next party or event… contact me and I’ll direct you to her!

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