About Jen


Southern food and Tex-Mex cuisine are as deeply ingrained in my family as apple pie is with American traditions.  I can remember standing in my grandmother’s kitchen, attempting to help her cook when I could barely see over the stove, developing my deep love for food and passion for the culinary arts.

I am by no means a professional chef; however I am the executive chef of my own kitchen.  The recipes I enjoy preparing come from old-fashioned dishes, passed down in my family from generation to generation, new and exciting ones I’ve learned from friends and my online explorations to new experiments as I play mad scientist in my “lab”.

Over the years, my recipe repertoire has increased to include Italian recipes, Mexican Food and even some delicious Asian and African fares.  Ranging from breakfast to dessert, I consider myself a well rounded cook!

Get comfy, I have much prepared to share and make sure to leave comments and visit frequently for new, updated recipes and foodie blogging!

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