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A Total Food Makeover!

So…it’s been a little bit since I posted. I’ve been busy traveling and deciding what’s next with my food blog, CastIronQueen.com!  Over the last several months, I have had a few little health issues and I’ve had to re-evaluate how I cook, what I eat, etc.  Not only have I been making important lifestyle changes, I’ve been on a journey of food exploration as far as what’s the healthiest and tastiest choices to make.  Sometimes I feel like I’m having to learn how to cook all over again!  From now on, you’ll see healthy, delicious food recipes along with a few of the decadent ones thrown in there on occasion.

I will be honest, this has not been easy for me. I LOVE bread, I LOVE chocolate, I LOVE dessert!!  Diabetes runs in my family and after finding out I am on the verge of it (pre-diabetes), I decided I want to be healthy and live diabetes free, that whatever I have to do to accomplish this, it needs to be DONE!

I didn’t think I ate all that bad because I thought that fixing veggies with every meal was enough to be classified as “healthy” eating.  Wow, did I ever have it WRONG!  I was loading up on the carbs (which turns into sugar) without even realizing it with almost every meal. I am not going hardcore and never having another high carb meal or mouthwatering rich dessert ever again, however I plan on enjoying these things on occasion instead of regularly.

I will be carb counting and hope you guys explore with me!  I am not doing Adkins, South Beach or any other fad diet…I am simply monitoring my carb, sugar and salt intake with every meal.  I am doing this to become healthier, so I live a long time and have good quality of life.  No surgeries, no crazy diets, just all natural healthy eating and exercise.

Today’s lunch was only about 27 net carbs, high in protein and nutrients. Chicken Sandwich, boiled egg and cottage cheese with pineapple.  The great part is I don’t feel cheated OR hungry and it was absolutely delicious.  Healthy food does not equal bland food and with my experiments in the kitchen, we’ll figure this health

chk_sandwhich_healthyI made chicken breasts for dinner last night so I used the leftovers on the sandwich.

6 oz of chicken breast
1/8 cup of shredded Monterrey Jack Cheese
1 cup of green leafy spinach
1 tsp of Mayo
100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Rounds (similar to THIS)
Seasoning to taste…very EASY on the salt.

I thinly spread the 1 tsp of Mayo divided between the two pieces of thin bread.  Next, I melted the cheese on top of the chicken.  I prefer using the oven to reheat chicken, because I feel like the microwave makes it rubbery.  After the cheese was melted, I piled my sandwich high with my 1 cup if spinach and my cheesy chicken breasts.  It was delicious!

On the side, I had 1/2 cup of cottage cheese with one piece of pineapple cut up in small chunks and then, a boiled egg.

This quick and easy lunch took me less than 5 minutes to prepare and I’m still satisfied and energized over an hour later!

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